Find the snake puzzle

Can You Find? This ‘find the snake’ puzzle is getting viral, and is definitely a head-scratcher!


We all love a good ‘find this here’ puzzle, especially if this involves snakes, and this one is definitely a head-scratcher. To succeed, all you have to do is find a snake that’s hiding somewhere in this picture.

‘Big Country Snake Removal’ from Texas, USA, recently shared a photo of a snake playing ‘hide and seek’, and honestly, it’s really tough to seek. So take a look and see if you can find the snake that’s hiding very sneakily in the foliage:

No? Too tough? Here’s a zoom-in:



Still not there? Hint: Look to the centre this time:



Still not there? Well, here it is!


According to Big Country Snake Removal, the snake in the picture is a broad-banded copperhead, a venomous snake found in southern USA.

Another picture of a hard-to-find copperhead snake, hiding in plain sight, went viral earlier this year. See if you manage to find the snake there.

And if you still haven’t had enough of sneaky snakes, here’s another puzzle for you.

Do let us know how many snakes you were successful in locating.